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  1. "Do what you can, with what you’ve got, where you are." - Theodore Roosevelt

    "Don’t try to build a wall. Learn to lay each brick as perfectly as a brick can be laid - and pretty soon you have a wall." - Will Smith

    Work experience

    I am a registered architect with 15+ years of experience in architectural design, working on both public and private architecture. I have worked as a Principal Architect for small and middle scale projects in Latvia, as well as a Project Architect for the reconstruction of Riga Radio and Television Station Tower in Riga, Electronic Systems Manufacturing complex in Ogre, swimming pool complex in Valmiera, Life Sciences and Technologies building for the University of Daugavpils and more.

    Participated in and won various local and international competitions, such as Skolkovo housing development in Moscow, Marriott Hotel in Old Riga, Krasta City multifunctional class A business complex in Riga, Zunda park housing development in Riga and more.

  2. Education

    01/09/2015 - 28/02/2018 Master in Business Administration (MBA). Innovation and Entrepreneurship. RTU Engineering Economics and Management, Riga, Latvia (not finished)

    01/01/2007 - 01/01/2009 Professional Degree in Architecture. Riga Technical University Faculty of Architecture, Riga, Latvia

    18/07/2005 - 05/08/2005 Summer school. Architectural association school of architecture (AA), London, United Kingdom

    01/01/2003 - 01/01/2007 Bachelor of Architecture. Riga Technical University Faculty of Architecture, Riga, Latvia

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